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Our Canipren® products

Our research team has developed a range of Canipren® products that are suited for several clinical cases.

Canipren® is a product designed for dogs of any age and any breed

VBB_canipren_print_A4Canipren®-Joint is a canine neonatal stem-cell banking service that can be used in dogs affected with articular inflammatory syndromes.

Our process guarantees the delivery of a controlled product under 24 to 48 hours.

  • Cellular doses that are checked, approved and cryoconserved at ultra-low temperature
  • Ready-to-use doses, delivered on prescription
  • Tried-and-tested logistics that guarantee a timely delivery (> 95%)
  • Canipren®-Joint brochures for vets
  • Canipren®-Joint brochures for owners

Veterinarians showcase their expertise by performing a specialized medical act and working with high-tech therapeutics.

  • Even in advanced clinical cases, the dog’s status and well-being improve
  • Owner costs that can be partially or fully refunded by animal health insurances
    (enquire beforehand)
  • A strengthened relationship between client and veterinarian


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