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Vetbiobank has built 3 different banks with stem-cell doses obtained from Thoroughbred, Trotteurs Français and Selle Français foal umbilical cords.

Interview Kamel Boudra – Annual congress of French Equine Veterinarians Association (AVEF)

Doses from each bank are delivered on prescription to veterinarians in 24 to 48 hours. They can be administered up to 12 hours following their receipt.

Optimal efficiency :

  • Neonatal cells have better differentiation potential than adult cells
  • They produce a durable anti-inflammatory effect
  • Stem-cells induce better vascularisation which improves wound-healing

Quality control that is reinforced

  • Standardized cell production from selected donors
  • Validated processes that are monitored
  • Appropriate logistics and a cold-chain that is guaranteed

Cells that are available in 24 to 48 hours

    • Cells that are available on prescription
    • 10 million monitored, viable cells
    • Cells that are tested and delivered with certificate of analysis

Supportive figures :

% évolution post traitement Cheval

Clinical and sporting results that are very positive and profitable.



OMBISTEM-Vet : A gold-standard therapeutic that has become a treatment of choice for Vetbiobank’s veterinarian clients


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