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Biotechnology products made available to you

Vetbiobank develops, manufactures, and offers biotherapy products based on human medical research.

The first aim of our products is to enlarge the therapeutic arsenal at your disposal and achieve what conventional treatments are unable to.

STANDARDISED products manufactured during pregnancy and birth

Products with a high content of neonatal stem-cells ⇒ anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties

  • Younger than rival cellular products (adults)
  • More sanitary…
  • More efficient…
  • More easily available…

Find out more about OMBISTEM®-Vet…

Biological tissular dressings ⇒ The best way to heal cutaneous and ophthalmic wounds

  • Amniotic membranes that are cryoconservated
  • Faster wound-healing
  • Analgesic effects
  • No fibrosis for seamless wound-healing

Find out more about AMNIO®-Eye and AMNIO®-Skin…

Serum derived from placenta-drawn blood ⇒ anti-inflammatory and trophic effets

  • Higher content in growth factors than autologous serum
  • Standardised
  • For ophthalmic administration (keratitis, dry syndrome) and cutaneous administration (dermatitis…)

Find out more about NEOSERIL®


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