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Neonatal stem cells

“The best of today’s regenerative medicine”

Neonatal stem cells are superior to other kinds of stem cells (bone marrow or adipous tissue), as acknowledged by many research and medical teams in human medicine.

Umbilical stem-cells possess :

  • ideal potential for tissue damage repair due to their extreme youth
  • anti-inflammatory properties that is durable and regenerative, allowing :
  • improved and reinforced healing by quick action on the wound while the patient able to compete

How are they obtained ?

  • The cells are produced from umbilical cords collected at foal birth, after meticulous analysis of their sanitary status.
  • Because of their neonatal status, any horse including yours can receive these donor cells.
  • The production process respects thorough quality and traceability standards.
  • Produced lots undergo strict quality checks and only the best cells are kept in storage for ulterior use.
  • The doses are made available to you.

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Cumulated earnings of horses, after being treated with Vetbiobank’s cells0

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