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Vetbiobank is developing its research and development program in “Open Innovation”. Vetbiobank‘s expertise in animal cell-therapy has rapidly been acknowledged and has allowed to build a network of diversified partners that are reliable and renowned on an international level.

VetAgro Sup – main historical partnerVetAgro Sup

  • Partnership was initiated in 2010 (Vetbiobank’s incubation phase)
  • Collaboration with several departments : research, clinical practice, medical practice, surgery, equine clinic, canine and feline clinic…
  • Vetbiobank takes part in several teaching modules as an expert in “Veterinary Cell-Therapy” (Fifth year – 2nd year Master’s degree “Veterinary Drugs” – continuing education)
  • Vetbiobank is supervising several veterinary students for their end of course thesis (for example : 2015)

Several high-level publications demonstrate the operational efficiency of this exemplary partnership.

  • Vet. Immunol et Immunopathol 2016 – Characterization of canine neonatal stem cells (abstract)
  • Osteoarthritis and Cartilage 2015 – Equine neonatal stem cells efficiency against arthrosis – Benefits of early administration *
  • Pratique Vétérinaire Equine 2015 – Stem cells and articular lesions in horses (abstract)

To obtain the complete list of articles published since 2012, contact us or sign-in.

IFCE – French Institute for Horses and RidingIFCE

2010 – Thanks to the IFCE, Vetbiobank was able to lay down its protocol for umbilical cord retrieval in foals. In return, the IFCE now benefits from “partnership” rates from Vetbiobank, in order to treat in particular horses from Saumur’s Cadre Noir. This partnership has also allowed the development of the first biological dressing derived from amniotic membranes used in ulcerative lesions of the cornea or large skin grafts.

  • The IFCE and Chamberet’s experimental station (with Laurence Wimel and Cédric Dubois) has shown support to Vetbiobank ever since day one.
  • This partnership has allowed to finalize the umbilical cord retrieval protocol, that is simple, quick to complete, and adapted for breeders (at the cost of sleepless nights while awaiting the birth) and to develop the first equine biological dressing (Amnio).
  • Our partner is the first to benefit from Vetbiobank’s latest developments for equines.
  • 2012 publication in “Pratique Vétérinaire Equine”

To obtain the full article, contact us or sign-in.

INSERM – EA 4652 – Cell micro-environment and pathologies

In 2014, Vetbiobank initiated an ongoing partnership with an INSERM Research team led by Pr Philippe GALERA (CHU Caen) specialized in healthy and abnormal cartilage physiology.

EFS Bourgogne France Comté – Expertise in human bio-therapyLogo_EFS.svg

Trained at EFS, Stéphane Maddens has maintained strong bonds with the EFS team. Vetbiobank has developed for the animal health market a structure similar to the one that exists at EFS for human cell therapy :

  • processes : high standards for everything ranging from customer service to quality assurance
  • research programs on stem cells biology (partnership with Pr P. Saas and his team)


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