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Vetbiobank’s governance : where science meets business

Vetbiobank‘s governance is made up of a strategic body and a medical scientific body, which complement each other in counseling Vetbiobank‘s management team.

Strategic Guidance

Vetbiobank‘s strategic guidance is made up of physical persons involved in both human and animal health sectors.

Dr Jean Marie Grumel – HARA representantJMGHARA

Doctor Jean-Marie Grumel is trained in medicine (specialized in genetics) and in marketing and has experience working in the pharmaceutical industry. He has perfect knowledge of Business Development issues and its inherent regulatory processes.
In 2000, he founded IBD3 Pharma Consulting which focuses on targeted “niche” drugs (generics, hospital use, OTC). He assists start-up companies in their development strategy and the optimization of their product portfolio.
Dr Grumel is a Business Angel in the HARA Association (Health Angels Rhône Alpes), where he is co-founder and vice-president.
He advises Vetbiobank’s CEO on matters of development strategy.

François Febvay – SIMBA Santé RepresentantFV SIMBA Santé

François Febvay is a superior executive in a world-leading medical imagery company.

He brings to Vetbiobank his knowledge of international markets as well as innovative medical devices sales and marketing experience.

Mr Febvay represents SIMBA Santé, an investment company for Business Angels in the Lyon region. SIMBA Santé is presided by Dr François Guillemin and managed by Mr Sébastien Bonte.

Mr Febray and Dr François Guillemin are consultants to Vetbiobank’s CEO on matters of development strategy.


Mr Bernard Kirsch, ANGELS SANTE CREATION representant, and Dr Patrick Sorin

  • Bernard Kirsch :BKImprimer

Business Angel,

Expertise in management and information technology

Executive officer in the cosmetic industry,

Member of Angels Santé selection committee,

His role in Vetbiobank is to advise the CEO, particularly on development strategy matters.


  • Patrick Sorin :PS

Business Angel

Animal Health Expert

Ex-CEO of the pharmaceutical company Santé Animale and top executive at strategic consulting companies.

His role in Vetbiobank is to advise the CEO, particularly on sales and marketing in the veterinary Business to business (BtoB) market.


Emmanuel Deruaz,

51 ans, Dauphine and EM Lyon, ex-member of the management board and financial director for Laboratoires Aguettant (pharmaceutical company), previously Manager at EY, currently recovering companies specialized in mountaineering sports wear and equipment.
Emmnauel Deruaz has a special position in Vetbiobank. He has guided Stéphane in the Vetbiobank adventure since its first beginnings with the Réseau Entreprendre Rhône. A member of Vetbiobank Strategic Counsel since 2015, he is able to bring forward his experience as a top executive in bio-medical companies and his pragmatic financial vision for new market development.

Christophe Bonnet,CB

Savoie Mont blanc AngelsChristophe Bonnet is member of the Savoie Mont Blanc Angels network and shareholder of Vetbiobank. He teaches company finance at the Grenoble School of Management. He previously was a financial controller in a major pharmaceutical company and investment director in a hedge fund. He holds an MBA obtained from HEC Paris business school and a Doctorate in Management Science from Bourgogne University. He has written numerous academic articles on financial decision-making and on the financing of young, innovative companies. He is also the author of two works at Economia : “OPA, OPE and LBO” (alongside Michel Albouy) and “Company finance : financing the creation and growth of innovative companies”. He brings to Vetbiobank’ strategic counsel his financial expertise.

Scientific Guidance



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