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Clinical research and development

“By collaborating with field veterinarians and following their day-to-day challenges, we aim to produce experimental data that reflects reality.”

Vetbiobank has been running fieldwork clinical studies with a unique network of collaborating veterinarians, be they practitioners or academic members.

Requirements for our clinical trials

  • Owners of animals that participate in the study are made aware of the expectations and the restraints that come with the trial.
  • All clinical trials are evaluated with an ethics committee submitting its advisory opinion.
  • Veterinarians collaborating on our clinical trials have been informed of the high level of requirements concerning the incorporation of a new patient in a study.
  • All of this demands time, efforts and can be constraining… but it is a prerequisite for them to maintain a dynamic and innovative practice with the emergence of new therapeutics.

Following our studies :

  • The products that have undergone trial are generally made available under advantageous conditions for the veterinarian and his client.
  • When the quality of collected data allows it, results are submitted for publication. Clinics who were most involved in the investigation are suggested as collaborative authors.


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