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Neonatal cellular products banking

“For veterinarians, it is a privileged, easy, and rapid way to access high-tech therapeutic products and new therapeutic experiences.” Vetbiobank has revolutionized the approach to stem-cell based regenerative medicine, by establishing the first ever equine neonatal stem-cell bank, followed by the first canine bank.

A simple 5-step protocol

1- Neonatal tissus are collected from qualified donor animals (horses, dogs, cats …) at birth and sent to Vetbiobank by trained sampling centers (stud farms, veterinary clinics specialized in reproduction)

2- Vetbiobank produces a stock of therapeutic products from the samples (mesenchymal stem cells, placenta-drawn blood serum, amniotic membranes)…

3- …that are then frozen and conserved at ultra low temperature for ulterior use. The freezing allows the product to maintain functionality and viability.

4- During the conservation phase, Vetbiobank rigorously tests samples from each production lot for safety criteria (microbiotics) and efficiency criteria (predictive tests). Products are then made available and delivered to veterinarians.

5- It doesn’t end here… Vetbiobank and the veterinarian document and record the patient’s evolution in terms of safety and efficiency criteria.



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