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Our whole team is dedicated to supply you with quality products



Dr Nathalie SAULNIER, Scientific Director

PhD (Université de Bologne)

“My expertise and work on mesenchymal stem cells is a key-factor in the successful speeding-up of product development. After completion of my PhD at the University of Bologna, I undertook a Post Doc at the Institut Cochin (Paris) where I published several significant scientific articles. At Vetbiobank, my responsibilities include supervising production teams, coordinating the Research and Development program, as well as handling partnerships.” Her scientific rigor and her remarkable organisation skills are guarantees that allows Vetbiobank to grow on solid and reliable grounds.

A significant track-record since her 2012 arrival at Vetbiobank.

  • 4 articles on equine and canine stem-cells published in scientific journals
  • Oral presentation at the World Congress on Regenerative Medicine (Leipzig 2015)
  • And more to come…

Clément ROBERT, Production Engineer
Msc (Cell Biology)

01062016-9X2A2418“I am an engineer in cell biology, and graduated from the Claude Bernard University in Lyon. I previously worked in a human pharmaceuticals leading company, where I strengthened my expertise and my fine-tuned knowledge on biology and mesenchymal stem cell culture. I then joined Vetbiobank where my role is to ensure that collaborating veterinarians receive the best product possible. To this end, I am responsible of the production of our cell products, according to the procedures we have developed here at Vetbiobank. I am constantly seeking to improve our production process to guarantee at any given time products that are state-of-the-art.”


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