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Our management team

Thanks to the diversity of the training our team members have received, we have rounded up all the expertise and skills that are indispensable to guarantee clinical-level product quality, such as knowledge in cellular culture, biology, veterinary medicine and pharmaceuticals. We have gained recognition from our clients for our medical support, our reactivity and our product availability (under 24 to 48 hours).

Dr. Stéphane MADDENS – CEO and founderPhoto Presse S Maddens
Pharm D (University of Toulouse), PhD (Stem-cell biology), MBA (Change & Innovation – IAE Aix en Provence)
“I have brought with me to Vetbiobank management skills and cellular and tissular therapy laboratory development experience that I have acquired during my time at the Établissement Français du Sang. My work there consisted in making sure every patient received a graft that was produced according to the highest quality standards. Today, the only difference is that my patients walk on four legs instead of two.” The experience he has acquired in umbilical cord stem-cell public banking has allowed him to master the complex chain of action that begins at the donor and ends at the patient. His expertise as as researcher has played an important role in the development of engineering techniques in use for equine and canine stem-cell production inspired from existing human cell-therapy protocols.

  • More than 10 strong impact factor published articles in international journals
  • Previously expert in cell-therapy at the ANSM (National Agency for Medication Safety)


Dr Nathalie SAULNIER, Scientific Director Photo Nathalie Saulnier

PhD (Université de Bologne)

“My expertise and work on mesenchymal stem cells is a key-factor in the successful speeding-up of product development. After completion of my PhD at the University of Bologna, I undertook a Post Doc at the Institut Cochin (Paris) where I published several significant scientific articles. At Vetbiobank, my responsibilities include supervising production teams, coordinating the Research and Development program, as well as handling partnerships. I also oversee the training of several Master’s or PhD students”, doing so with excellent teaching skills as shown by her results. Her scientific rigor and her remarkable organisation skills are guarantees that allows Vetbiobank to grow on solid and reliable grounds.

A significant track-record since her 2012 arrival at Vetbiobank.

  • First author of 2 articles on equine and canine stem-cells published in scientific journals
  • Oral presentation at the World Congress on Regenerative Medicine (Leipzig 2015)
  • And more to come…


Nadia Plantier – COO (Business Development – Sales & Marketing)

EM Lyon – Finance & Corporate Strategy
After having spent a few years in one of the top 5 animal health companies, I then contributed to the operationalization of the European subsidiary of a Californian veterinary diagnostics company and as such I was in charge of Sales and marketing activities of the company.
Then my entrepreneurial spirit led me to partner with a young start-up in Grenoble specializing in human diagnostics and personalized medicine. As the Vice President – Business Development, I have been highly involved in the operational management of the company. I have also been directly responsible for defining and steering the international business development strategy of high-tech services and products.

Today I use my experience and my knowledge of the veterinary sector and of young innovative companies to define the market positioning strategy of Vetbiobank by setting up a commercial plan adapted to regenerative medicine products in a growing market and by contributing to the implementation of key strategic collaborations.

Our Scientific Team


Our Production Team

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