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Vetbiobank : Our vision and our strategy

Vetbiobank is the number one veterinary regenerative medicine laboratory in France.

Vetbiobank is the leading French veterinary regenerative medicine laboratory. Vetbiobank was created in November 2011 by Dr Stéphane Maddens, a trained pharmacist specializing in human cellular and tissular therapy. With VetAgro Sup veterinary school’s operating and scientific support since 2009, Dr Stéphane Maddens has been dedicated to adapting his human neonatal stem-cells technical expertise to horses. Between 2011 and 2015, collaborating with equine veterinarians has allowed Vetbiobank to define itself as a leader and reference in veterinary regenerative medicine.


  • Transfer the best cellular therapy technical expertise first developed in human medicine to veterinary medicine
  • Enforce the same quality requirements for our products as the ones that exist in human medicine
  • Bring the best medical and scientific support to veterinarians on a daily basis.


  • We are currently leading a unique program of field clinical studies concerning medical conditions addressed by veterinary practices, with a network of schools, clinics, and veterinary hospital centers. Data is produced in an independent and unbiased manner by our partners to establish our products’ safety and efficiency.
  • Our production team and our quality review and assurance team work together to guarantee to our clients remarkable high-quality finished products and logistical reliability. Find out more…
  • Vetbiobank’s commercial team focuses on gathering the needs and expectations of veterinarians to be able to address them in the best way possible with our products and services, along with faultless customer service. Our products are delivered only on medical prescription.
  • Our marketing team’s aim is to broadcast medical and scientific information that is factual and impartial to veterinarians and make our products better known to owners. Regenerative medicine is not yet included in the veterinary curriculum. By bringing you information and publications, our goal is to make these new therapies more accessible to you. (Access our knowledge base)
  • Our medical department is able to answer any of your questions, to advise you before treating one of your patients using our products, or after in dealing with unpredictable side effects that need to be reported for biomonitoring (Access our Biomonitoring database). By collecting clinical monitoring information, our medical department aims to shed more light on our product efficiency. (Access our clinical studies database).

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