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Our results

Significant progress on a scientific and medical level has been made since 3 years.

Neonatal mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) and arthrosis

The injection of MSC is ideally performed during the inflammatory phase.

  • for better prevention of cartilage deterioration
  • lower concentration of articular pro-inflammatory mediators (IL1, TNFa)
  • lesser activation of cartilage proteolytic enzymes genes (MMP3, 13)

Unique injection of neonatal MSC : an excellent safety profile

  • No local nor general signs
  • Evaluation period ranging from 6 weeks (Carticell) to 1 year (Articani and Ombistem-Canine)
  • Allogenic (Articani) and xenogenic (Carticell) situations
  • No humoral immune response has been detected (Articani).

Two intra-articular injections of neo-natal allogenic MSC are well tolerated

  • No local signs
  • No general signs (Ombistem Vet)

Neonatal allogenic MSC improve arthrosis clinical signs

  • Improvement in dogs for which there is therapeutic failure using conventional treatments (Study Ombistem Vet)
  • Allows a long-term pain management and improvements in mobility (Equ’Heal study currently underway).



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